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Daniel P. Allers
  Daniel P. Allers    

Meet Daniel Allers


Daniel is a traditionally homeschooled graduate with well over a decade of experience performing, writing, and directing theatre productions, while working with children and adults of all ages.

With his unique experience, Daniel offers an intensely interactive experience, instilling a passion for learning through his workshop series. During many years of teaching, Daniel has lead over 1,300 workshops across the province, and reaches thousands of people around the world through History Plus Online.

Currently residing in Springbrook, Alberta, with his wife Amberly, Daniel continues to work as a professional performer and teacher, bringing his passion for history and drama to the next generation of homeschool students around the province, including on their award-winning online platform, (Check it out!)

Our Mission


Learning is fun. No, really! As homeschool graduates, we know that a passion for learning is one of the most valuable things that can be taught during the homeschool journey. History, geography, science... they aren't boring IF you're interested! That's what we aim to do here at History Plus; make it interesting! History isn't the study of boring dead people and cultures, it's making a connection with them, living their stories, and learning what they can teach you. That's why all of our courses transport students to an interactive experience set in discovering what it was like "way back when" through dramatic teaching, activities, and interactive theatre.

Allow us to spark that passion for learning. It's what we're here for!

2024-25 Workshop Locations!

Our roster of locations across the province is now full for the 2024-25 school year! And, we are pleased to announce that there is probably one near you. REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN, so reserve your spot by contacting us today! Please contact us for exact locations and dates near you!

Workshop Communities:

  • Cochrane

  • Calgary (Airport Area)

  • Red Deer (Springbrook)

  • Lacombe

  • Three Hills

  • Wetaskiwin

  • Edmonton

  • Stony Plain



History Plus will travels all across Alberta, as we want all homeschool students to have access to this program! Rates apply to all programs:

  • $275/student per season, (9 workshops) plus $25 venue surcharge & GST.

  • Total cost of $315.00, including all taxes and fees.

  • LATE REGISTRATION WELCOME! Classes are prorated for the remainder of the year.

  • We can direct bill most school boards in Alberta! Let us know if this option is right for you.

Daniel Allers
Daniel Allers
Daniel Allers
Daniel Allers
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