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Daniel P. Allers

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This program is truly unique, and is universally loved by students, parents, and facilitators alike! But don't take our word for it; check out what others are saying about this groundbreaking program, and visit our Facebook page for even more!

Also, please know that we had students from virtually every homeschool board in the province, and no one reported any problems with claiming our workshops through funding.



History Plus is one of the best school things I have ever learned!! What’s perfect about History Plus is that there are such good friends there, and fun crafts, and such amazing things to learn. I think what is best about it is learning all of the amazing, disgusting, and fascinating things that are all around the world. Knowing that we are going to learn Science next year is totally blowing me away with excitement!!

~Ezri, age 9~

"This is, by far, my son's favorite homeschool activity. He loves the classes, loves the material, and has a fantastic time every single month. As a parent, I've been astounded at the amount of information he has retained from each class. Daniel's rapport with the class is truly exceptional and it seems all the kids are thrilled to be there."

~Kim S. of Cochrane~

"History Plus is a lot of fun. I always learn a lot and Daniel is a great teacher. We have acted out a lot of fun plays and time-traveled thru the time of the Egyptians, the ocean explorers, medieval times, the colonization of the Americas, and more. My favourite part of History Plus has been learning and seeing so many cool facts thru history. Daniel makes everything come ALIVE with costumes and games and crafts in a way that really helps me remember the facts that we learn."

~Sammy, age 14~

"I took my five children ages 8, 9, 11, 12, 15. My oldest was sure she was going to hate the program just as she had the one at the science center the week before. She had just joined us homeschooling for the first time in February so she is still getting used to homeschool. I can say she absolutely LOVED the class/workshop. She said, "he didn't speak in monotone voice and instead of making us remember things he just taught us interesting stuff!" She informed me there was another class in 5 weeks and that she wanted to go and she would like to do all the classes next year. As enthusiastic as a 15 year can be when they are excited about something, my other 4 kids were even more exuberant about how much they enjoyed the class. I 100% recommend this class as well as these people, we are newer to homeschooling and they were a tremendous help in their advice and support and willingness to help in the future if I should need it. My children were made to feel very welcome even though we were joining late in the year and Daniel in a very friendly and natural way made them feel like they were very important the moment he met them."

~Shara U. of Stony Plain~

"My kids absolutely love History Plus. We drive nearly an hour to be in a group, and I would gladly drive farther for the amazing teaching and fun that Daniel and Amberly provide. The classes are full of interesting facts, fun games, and great interaction. Our truck is literally buzzing on the drive home as my kids fill me in on all the latest tidbits they have learned. Crafts, dress-up, games, and quizzes keep everyone fully engaged and drive home the facts for great retention. We LOVE History Plus and are already so excited for next year’s Science classes. 

Thank you Daniel and Amberly!! "

~Darci H. of Wetaskiwin~

"My son can not stop RAVING about this program. He looks forward to it every month and every month he comes home even more excited about the next session! Thank you for offering such an engaging, quality program that teaches concepts in a way that really sticks. Brilliant and highly recommended!"

~Shelley S. of Edmonton~

"My daughter really likes the History Plus classes, and looks forward to it every month. I usually sit in on the class and I really enjoy listening to the presentations too. Daniel ("The Captain") exudes a genuine interest in the material. My daughter is on the young side for this class, but retains a surprising amount of information. The power point presentations done by The Captain are always informative and full of little tidbits intended to delight, surprise, or amaze the kids, or just to provide that "gross factor" that kids love. At any rate it keeps the kids highly engaged. The power point sessions are always broken up with crafts and games that relate to the area of focus. Sometimes there are also relevant costumes for the kids to dress up in - a particular favorite of my daughter. At the end of each 2 1/2 class there are usually sighs, moans, and complaints that the class is over "already". Can't wait for History Plus next year!"

~Trisha S. of Cochrane~

"These classes are loved by me and my children! Daniel has a wonderful, engaging style which maintains the children's attention for the entire session and they always look forward to coming back for more! There is no writing, no homework, just a whole bunch of learning!"

~Natasha G. of Lacombe~

"We are very unschooly and yet, this is one class that my daughter loves. Learning hands on and interactively is great. Daniel is amazing with the kids and always has them up, moving and learning. We will be returning next year, and we highly recommend these classes for other homeschoolers wanting a dramatic and interactive class on geography and history."

~Kimmy D. of Calgary~

"Our boys absolutely love History Plus classes. They share so many stories and facts after the classes that the entire family is learning. Daniel is passionate about his subject matter and our boys love his style of teaching. So many times we've asked them: Where did you hear that? Their response is usually, Mr. Daniel told us."

~Ruth C. of Ponoka~

"Our 10 & 14 year old boys LOVE their History Plus classes. It is one of the highlights of their month. They always come home with a wonderful craft and worksheet and teeming with information and facts. Thank you for providing such a wonderful opportunity for our children to learn."

~Charmaine Z. of Medicine Hat~

"We have boys in both age groups of History Plus, and they don't stop talking about the classes for days! Daniel and Amberly know how to bring out the most interesting facts and make the activities and games so much fun. It's so cool to hear them bring up random facts from what they've learned days and weeks later.. They LOVE LEARNING with HISTORY PLUS!"

~Janeen O. of Stony Plain~

"My kids absolutely love this class! They come home with so much info about geography and the "Did you know, mom...." doesn't stop. Love it!"

~Karin G. of Ft. McMurray~

"Both of my kids attended the History Plus first class yesterday. They loved how you presented the info and are still singing the continents song. I was really impressed by the amount of energy and knowledge Daniel has as well as the activities the kids played to reinforce learning. Both kids are looking forward to next month's session and are excited about geography!"

~Terri K. of Edmonton~

Daniel Allers
Daniel Allers
Daniel Allers
Daniel Allers
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